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Summary of Artifact:

     The case study attached here is a detailed accommodations plan I created for a Literacy Development and Instruction in Core and Intervention Areas class at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. The objective of the case study assignment was to address and meet the needs of three different RTII students to assure their success in reaching their goals. The plan looked at the academic needs of three different students. After reading about each of their struggles, I came up with various instructional goals for each student, and then wrote a thorough intervention plan for each of them that aligned with their respective goals. In addition to these intervention plans, I also created progress-monitoring materials to ensure data of the students’ growth was collected.


     The case study intervention plans directly reflect on my knowledge and understanding of the individual difference of individual students. Although each of the hypothetical students described in the case studies were of all different ages, levels of ability, and had different needs that required attention, I created these intervention plans for each of them, ensuring their inclusion in the learning environment, along with their hypothetical, on-level peers. The goals I chose were picked based on high, yet attainable standards. Each of the goals directly align to the targeted skills and intervention strategies I planned. Along with each plan, I created a progress-monitoring tool for each student to ensure that accurate and current records of the student’s growth were kept. All activities included in each of the three plans are hands-on, engaging, and created with the individual student in mind.