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Summary of Artifact:

     The following artifact is a letter of recommendation written Mrs. Courtney Koehler. Mrs. Koehler was the head teacher that I assisted while working in her classroom at St. Nicholas Academy Preschool in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. While working at St. Nicholas, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Mrs. Koehler in the planning and implementation of lessons and activities in her classroom.


    Mrs. Koehler’s letter of recommendation emphasizes my ability to collaborate with other in a classroom and school setting. In my time at St. Nicholas, I helped Mrs. Koehler with her lesson and activity planning, and went from just giving her ideas for the art center, to collaborating with her about lesson and theme ideas, and finally, to co-teaching with her and implementing my own lessons from time to time. Mrs. Koehler comments on my collaboration skills, deeming them exceptional. She also mentions that I was more to her than just an assistant, but rather a co-teacher whose thoughts, ideas, and support put her at ease in the times when we would undoubtedly become overwhelmed. Finally, Mrs. Koehler’s comment on my dedication and drive to motivate even the shyest students to participate showcases my determination to step up and be a leader in the classroom, as well as my willingness to share the responsibility of the growth, development, learning, and well-being of our students.