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Summary of Artifact:

     The following is a Social Studies lesson I created and implemented for my professional semester in my Kindergarten field placement. As it was close to Thanksgiving, I taught my lesson about the meaning of the holiday. I used the Civics standard 5.1.K.F: Identify significant American holidays and their symbols, as well as English Language Arts standards CC.1.3.K.B: Answer questions about key details in a text, and CC.1.4.K.B: Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to focus on one specific topic. I organized the lesson with a standard, objective, materials needed, content and implementation of the lesson, accommodations, and an assessment tool. After the lesson was implemented, I wrote in my reflections at the end of the plan.


     This lesson plan reflects my proficiency in planning instruction to support every student. The accommodations/differentiation section showcases my knowledge of the needs of my students and that I can anticipate what the group as a whole will need in order to be successful with this learning objective. The goal for the learning, as written in the objectives section, demonstrates the expectations I have set for my students. In the content section, I’ve demonstrated my understanding of the prior knowledge of my students and used and activated that schema when I introduced the new concept I was teaching in this lesson.