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Summary of Artifact:

     The following artifact is a sample of checklists, rating scales, anecdotal and running records I took as part of an Observation and Assessment portfolio for the Assessment I: Observation and Informal Assessment course I took at Kutztown University. We were required to select a student in a PreK-1st grade classroom and observe their behaviors and development over an 8-week period. I selected a student from the preschool that I was employed at at the time. I observed and recorded aspects of his social, emotional physical, cognitive and linguistic development.

**Student's name has been redacted to ensure privacy**


     These checklists and records I took represent my understanding of the different ways that children develop and learn. The time I spent observing and informally assessing C.M. allowed me to compare his growth and development to the rest of his peers in the class, and I gained a much deeper understanding for the varying rates at which children grow and develop across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical areas. I used my observational records as an anchor to base our ongoing planning and instruction from in the classroom.