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Summary of Artifact:

     The artifact I chose for Standard 4 is my official score report from the Pennsylvania Educators Certification Test that I took in December of 2016. It is required of all PreK-4 teacher candidates in Pennsylvania to take and pass this exam in order to meet Pennsylvania state certification requirements.


     This artifact reflects my understanding of the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of discipline that I will teach in my future career as an educator. The Pennsylvania Educator Certification Test was a three-module exam, each of which focused on the pedagogy and content areas focused on in PreK-4 classrooms. My scores, which are 20-70 points above the qualifying score for each module, indicate, according to Pennsylvania state standards, that I am fully equipped with the knowledge and understanding of PreK-4 pedagogy and content that will make me an effective teacher that will have a positive impact on student learning.