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Summary of Artifact:

     The following are lesson plans in which I implemented a variety of instructional strategies. The goal of the lesson was for students to be able to represent fractions as parts of a whole. In order to achieve this goal, I used the turn-and-talk strategy, the use of manipulatives (3D blocks and cubes), direct instruction, independent practice, collaborative learning, and questioning. In order to assess student achievement, I reviewed their independent practice with them as the class worked with partners to complete pages in their math practice books.


     This lesson plan illustrates my ability to use a variety of instructional strategies to give my students every opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the content they are learning. The strategies I used, as listed above, activated the schema of my students and allowed them to further build upon that foundation with the collaboration and questioning present in the lesson. The use of manipulatives allowed for students to access and build upon skills other than just the visual and auditory components of direct instruction, and the use of collaborative learning through partner work gave the students an opportunity to employ social interaction and the knowledge of their peers to give them a deeper understanding of the content focused on in the lesson.